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We specialize in custom designed sandblasted signs from idea through installation or shipping.
We create distinctive sandblasted signs, dimensional HDU signs, and vinyl signs and provide great customer service.
View our gallerys for ideas on: pricing, color schemes, layouts, shapes, pictorials, size, letterstyles, etc...

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5'x8' custom designed sandblasted sign w/ airbrushed wolf pictorial. Marcell, MN
Clamshell Beach Cottages on Whitefish, Pequot Lakes, MN "CLAMSHELL BEACH" is 1.5" thick HDU letters with reflective vinyl. Mounted on 5'x 11" double sided cedar structure. Thank you Dave & Lisa! Installed May '09.
3' high sandblasted hdu sign for Paul Bunyan Transit in Bemidji using their logo. This sign hangs in the entry way of their building and it's really an eye catcher and welcoming site. Thank you Greg!
Side angle of Paul Bunyan Transit sign showing the dimensional (1")Paul Bunyan & ax. The white inline around the word TRANSIT is blasted along with the white background, and the inside of the words Paul Bunyan.
2 separate 4' x 6' sandblasted signs on either side of a square tube bracket. The cross is a smaller version of the cross in the church. Clearbrook, MN. Great folks!
Discovery Woods Montessori school in Brainerd, MN. Cedar posts from Puposky, MN.



2 piece hdu sandblasted sign for Pleasant Avenue Dentistry in Park Rapids, MN. I like the dimension using 2 pieces of material allows. Thank you Jay and Krista!
Back side of Pleasant Ave Dentistry sign, attached to a square tube bracket.
AEC. I did a couple sandblasted signs for the Bemidji School district in the fall of '08. This one is located by the post office. Thank you Drew and Linda.
Above - a custom designed 33" x 7' sandblasted sign for Bridgewater Chiropratic in Nova Scotia Canada. They contacted me and wanted a sign similar to Pleasant Ave Dentistry on Gallery 4. They wanted the Chirpractic logo incorporated into the design and I suggested the airbrushed faded swooshes to kind of "tie" it all together. Thank you Bill and Vicky!

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